Over 500 miles of trails

Someone said that there are over 500 miles of trails in Marin County. I'm going to hike all of them. Want to hear more? Read on...

Location: Woodacre, California, United States

Well, I hike, obviously. I read, without retaining, lots of stuff but mostly classic and contemporary fiction, history, and science. I look at birds and plants. I play my guitar far less than I ought, and watch movies far more. I like to ask people questions, but only if they ask me questions in return. I aspire to honorable behavior and am mostly successful. I'm on the cusp of a career change, with bird research in my past/present and academic librarianship in my future. Occasionally I bust out and cook six course gourmet meals for my friends; for some reason it's always six and never seven or five. Enough about me. What about you? Stranger or friend, drop me a line!

Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28, 2006. Point Reyes National Seashore. Bayview Trailhead; Inverness Ridge to Bucklin to Muddy Hollow to Bayview trails. 7.9 miles

Well, yesterday I went on a hike from work that was a wildflower extravaganza. The area had been burned in the 1995 Mount Vision fire, and most of the hike was through young Bishop pine and ceanothus. The ceanothus was blooming, and so prevalent that at times the whole hillside looked blue. It reminded me of the Blue Mountains in Australia, which get their blue haze from oils exuded into the air by eucalyptus.

Here's a sample of the wildflowers I saw:

There's blue eyed grass, Oakland star tulip, and the pink one is, maybe, checkerbloom? I'm not sure. I don't have a very good wildflower guide, just the thumbnails in the back of the Hiking Marin book. I shall have to invest in one someday soon.

How 'bout some animals for good measure? You got your banana slug, and your California Quail.

This weekend: Tomales Point Trail. Stay tuned! -Kelly


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