Over 500 miles of trails

Someone said that there are over 500 miles of trails in Marin County. I'm going to hike all of them. Want to hear more? Read on...

Location: Woodacre, California, United States

Well, I hike, obviously. I read, without retaining, lots of stuff but mostly classic and contemporary fiction, history, and science. I look at birds and plants. I play my guitar far less than I ought, and watch movies far more. I like to ask people questions, but only if they ask me questions in return. I aspire to honorable behavior and am mostly successful. I'm on the cusp of a career change, with bird research in my past/present and academic librarianship in my future. Occasionally I bust out and cook six course gourmet meals for my friends; for some reason it's always six and never seven or five. Enough about me. What about you? Stranger or friend, drop me a line!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hello. This is a chronicle of a journey, or several small journeys, however you choose to look at it. The project is to hike all the trails in Marin County. The goal is to become expert in something; to complete something; it almost doesn't matter what. I'm going to hike, but I'm also going to look and think. And to write about it, because this way I formalize it and guard against cheating. And I'll tell you about what I think about and what I learn, cause someone else has already written a trail guide to this place.

So apparently there are over 500 miles of trails in Marin County; this according to a book I have titled something like _Best Hikes in Marin County_ (it's a good book and I'll cite it properly soon). There are clearly over 500 miles of trails. There might be a lot more than 500 miles of trails. We've got the 33 separate Open Space parcels, each with their own little networks; there's Point Reyes National Seashore, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Mount Tamalpais State Park, and, I'm sure, more. I've only been in the area for 8 months. There's a lot I don't know.

I've done three hikes so far... that's 15 miles down. Over 485 to go. The first was Deer Island Loop at the Deer Island Open Space parcel. This was back on November 13, last Sunday. It's tucked away in a little semi rural area, like a lot of other open space parcels, and seems to mostly be used by folks out to walk their dogs. 3.1 miles. Bordered by county flood control lands; good waterfowl habitat and lots of raptors. It's cute, and pleasant, and we (being myself, Victor, and Arty the dog) found this lone tree with mysterious large nut-like fruits on it. By the time I've hiked all the trails in Marin County I'll probably know what it is, cause I'll be an expert. Right? The thing with Deer Island, is that you don't so much get away from it all there. You hear traffic noise the whole time, and you can see 101 and 37 for a good chunk of the hike. But it's easy, which was good cause Victor and I were both getting over being sick. Arty roamed free, mostly, like the other dogs we encountered: not legal according to Marin County Open Space regulations, but apparently not enforced. Dogs are supposed to be leashed on trails. On fire roads they may go leashless if under voice command.

I'm going to get some maps, and put them up on my wall in the living room, and higlight the trails I've been on. That will be satisfying, to see the map slowly turn yellow.

I'll tell about my next two hikes soon. I just want to get this up. If you're there, thanks for reading and welcome.



Blogger TJIC said...

you're welcome!

4:56 AM  
Blogger nick said...

Hi, Kelly.

6:02 PM  
Blogger AphotoAday said...

Hi again, Kelly...

I didn't have a chance to read your entire blog early this morning, so I got back to it this afternoon, and I think you have started a really great thing here... Oh yeah, Mt. Burdell -- that used to be one of my favorite hikes, but I haven't done it for about 20 years... Found some other good hike ideas from your blog, so I thank you very much. Thanks also for the info on maps and guides... Sure hope this blog continues -- as I will be checking back frequently to see where you have been... Keep up the good work...
P.S.: Oh by the way, with reference to my earlier comment, I misread your post about Roy's Redwoods, because now I realize that the reason you don't feel a need to return right away is because you feel you covered the area thoroughly enough... O.K., permission granted, but you really should explore the French Ranch area (up on the ridge across the road) because they are going to build homes up there and we are soon going to lose public access in that area...

Thanks again, Kelly... Good hiking, and all the best to you!

2:02 PM  

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